Natto, a traditional Japanese food, is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in rare vitamins and antioxidants. The most notable nutrients are vitamin K2-MK7, pyrolloquinoline quinone (PQQ), and nattokinase.

Supplement Facts:
  • 330 grams natto flour per bag, equivalent to 750 grams of fresh natto.
  • A 10 gram tablespoon brings about 420 micrograms K2-MK7, about 2500 picograms PQQ, and about 1000 F. U. nattokinase.
  • Provides a convenient way to add this superfood to your diet by mixing it into your smoothies, stews, yogurt, soups, salads, and even deserts.

Produced in Canada using the traditional Japanese recipe with organic soy beans, natural spring water, and Bacillus subtilis natto Low temperature dehydration process is applied after fermentation to secure the preservation of active nutrients.

Natto Powder
Brand neoBiotika