Natto Trio

Natto Trio

SKU : Natto_Trio
Brand : neoBiotika

This kit is a must for every family and includes a packet of natto powder 330 grams designed for a three-week treatment, a 8 oz./236 ml magnesium oil bottle (magnesium chloride) food grade and a 30ml (680 - 700 drops) bottle of Oily emulsion of vitamins D3 & A.




  • more energy w/ increased general well-being.
  • effective relief of headaches & a healthier nervous system.
  • effective immune system against pathogens and cancers.
  • better sleep quality, improved gastrointestinal health.
  • improved cardiovascular health w/ better blood circulation.
  • better musculoskeletal health, a calmer & better control of emotions.

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