NEOBIOTIKA Inc. is a food and health products manufacturer situated in Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada. We chose this place for its pristine environment, with ideal conditions allowing high quality products to be manufactured.

NEOBIOTIKA’s mission is to provide information and health products of the highest quality. Our overall approach is that the information and products we provide are balanced, secure and promote good results, which allow great health and help us gain a good quality of life. Moreover, those who adhere to what NEOBIOTIKA offers become our best ambassadors. They can, in conjunction with their achieved health goals, participate to the dissemination of our programs and receive regular income which can provide them with more economic independence, while having the joy of good deeds for others. Contributing to the spread of a new attitude, a new spirit and awareness of the responsibility we have in society for ourselves and for future generations, is one of our main missions. We hope this mission to evolve, with your help, to answer the needs in information and tools for a better health, for a better life, for a better world. We are located at the gates of the Parc National de la Gaspésie, Quebec Canada, in an area free of industrial and agricultural pollution..

240 Du Parc,
Ste-Anne-Des-Monts, Qc.,
G4V 2C4 Canada
418 763-4158 / 764-0021