Natto Benefits and Your Health Challenge

"A well designed health challenge concept using the benefits of traditional japanese Natto with balanced dietary supplements of Magnesium, D3 & A — an effective program to support you in taking charge of your health — a core mission of NeoBiotika."

NEOBIOTIKA Inc. is a food and health products manufacturer situated in Gaspe peninsula, Quebec, Canada. We chose this place for its pristine environment, with ideal conditions allowing high quality products to be manufactured.

K2-MK7, Magnesium, D3, Retinol A & Boron-rich supplements


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Natto and highest life expectancy

Why the Japanese use Natto - Japan has the world’s highest life expectancy because for centuries the Japanese have used Natto to increase energy and stamina, nourish heart and bones, remove toxicity, and slow the aging process. Natto is a soya bean powder fermented according to a traditional Japanese recipe and dehydrated. It is extremely rich in rare vitamins and minerals.

BORON – A Little Known Mineral Worthy to be Known

Minerals are basic elements on which life is built. Scientific investigations regularly bring proofs of their vital importance for any form of life[1]. Lately proof was made that boron is an essential element for human health[2], and as well for animals and plants[3], [4], [5]. The ideal daily amount of boron we need is not known yet[6]; nevertheless, it was estimated that 2 to 3 milligrams of elemental boron per day for an adult is a minimum requirement[7], [8].